We're trying to recruit - Warney

Last updated : 15 May 2020 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Advertiser, the gaffer gave the latest on the recruitment front.

“We’re trying to recruit, We’re speaking to agents and watching footage of a lot of players in Austria and Germany."

"At the moment we don’t know what league we’re going to be in and that is a problem for planning. The difference between us being in the Championship and League One is that we pay a lot more in the Champ and are a more attractive option to players. You can get a better player."

Speaking before todays meeting between L1 clubs which ended without making any decision on the future, the gaffer said; “I’m glad we’re finally going to get some clarity, I never thought League One would come back, although we’ve prepared for every eventuality."

“Even if this week we just find out we’re definitely not coming back and the promotion decision has to wait, that’s fine. Then we can reduce the training for the lads and give them some time off."

“If we are given a date to come back, even if has to be behind closed doors, we can start sorting our pre-season schedule and arranging some friendlies, which would be great. If the season ended this week it would be brilliant because it wouldn’t half help with our ‘prep’.”

“We’ve played the majority of our games and are in an automatic position, but no-one knows yet if promotions are going to happen, It feels  like when I did my degree. You do your dissertation and think that’s quite good, you do your exam and think that’s quite good, but until you get your results you just don’t know."