We're bossing the architects - Coakley

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Coakley explained to the Tiser that the club have outlined every last detail to make sure the new ground is exactly what they and the supporters will want.

"We have been thorough; probably more thorough than a lot of the architects thought we would ever get. In the nicest possible way, I think they thought we'd just sit there and be told what it was going to be like. It hasn't turned out like that. It has been eye-opening for them for us to be so sure in our own mind how it is going to be", he said.

"We've one shot at it and it's got to be right. I think we have used the time wisely. We have gone into this like it was our own house and it was going to be the one opportunity in our lifetime.

"It has been incredible giving direction to an architect rather than the other way round."

Chairman Tony Stewart added: "We don't want to build a 12,000- seater stadium and then be limited to that for the next 20 to 50 years. There is scope to expand and it has been cleverly done by the architects. The infrastructure is of the strength to economically extend in future.

"We have been talking to English Heritage but there has been no promises," continued Stewart. "With a stadium scheme like this, there are many tripwires and there's always bats in the belfry.

"There's a minefield of obstacles that have to be overcome just to get things in place. It's all to do with modern practice. We have had drawings done and there are more drawings coming in."

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