We're better prepared - Warne

Last updated : 18 June 2020 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, gaffer Paul Warne explained; “Last time we got promoted, we had four weeks off and it was a big turnaround. This time, potentially we could have the rest of June, July, August and the first week of September to prepare. We could have 14 weeks before we start again."

“I can virtually spend a week with my staff talking about how we are going to do pre-season. Whereas when we got promoted last time, we had a week away releasing players and a week with our families and then we were back in again. It was a lot more hectic and this is a lot nicer way to prepare for next season."

“It does not mean we will be any better, but we will be a lot more relaxed that is for sure.”

“We have got a lot longer to prepare, but there are pros and cons. You don’t know the financial state of football and you could wait longer for signings as you might get more bargains.  This sounds awful, but will there be more desperate dealing early on because people need to get players off the wage bill?“ Then because the transfer window is elongated, probably until October, there may be a lot of dealings.“

"The sad thing is it will give other clubs more opportunity to come and cherry-pick my best players. But we are not Manchester City or Liverpool. Most clubs have that problem.”