We'll all be playing our part - Kayode

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

He says to this weeks Tiser: “People are going to have their opinions but we've got a few goal scorers in our team. I would like to think I'll be in among the goals, as will all the strikers, because Danny Nardiello, Kieran Agard, Alex Revell and young Alec Denton are all capable of scoring.

" We train with each other week-in, week-out and we know what we're capable of. You can't go into the season thinking we've not got a 20-goal a season man. That's not what we're thinking and if that's someone else's view then that's their prerogative. We have belief in the camp and know we have what it takes. We've just to go out and show it now on a daily basis.

“My target is to be in the team and take in from there and get as many as I can,” he says. “If you're not scoring, you've got to look at what else you're bringing to the team. We all have to play our part and there's chances that are there to be taken. You have to be in amongst it but if someone else gets the goals then we're still all pushing for the same cause. At the end of the day if I haven't scored and we win 3-0 then it's job done.” 

He adds: “First and foremost we've got to put a good performance in for ourselves and the staff, management and supporters regardless of the stadium and everything else that comes with it. As a team and a squad we have belief anyway. Some might say it is easier to get up for matches like last week's, playing against a Championship club in a nice stadium. The real test is going to be League Two, our bread and butter. We've got to do it week in and week out there and I think we've more than enough here to deal with that. “