We worked hard - Taylor

Last updated : 08 November 2023 By Millersmad

We worked hard. We started the game so well and this group of players have got an awful lot of spirit and character about them. A bit naive at times, you could certainly see that with their equalising goal, which then put us on the back foot a little bit in terms of the way we felt about ourselves. In the second half, we had to defend our box, but then still make the most of those set-piece opportunities.

"The ricochet that led to their second goal felt a little bit harsh, but for that ball to drop to Christ Tiehi and for him to put it in the top corner, it was a big moment for him.

"I'm really pleased with the way the game looked for the majority of the players. I hope it's not taken too much out of them because it's a three-game week. Our home form can only take us to a certain point; we have to improve our away form. We're not naive enough to not understand we have to start picking up points and hopefully that will happen - on the back of a feel-good night - this weekend."