We have to stop the mistakes - Richardson

Last updated : 27 February 2024 By Millersmad

"Congratulations to Hull, they are having a good season and invested really well in the summer and the January window.

"We wanted to start with a real strong intent, to be in the ascendency and we did that.

"We had a mad five or 10 minutes, I thought we missed a big chance with 1-0 with Sam (Nombe) and they went down the other end and scored.

"Disappointed to concede the way we did. I will never criticise lads for honest mistakes on the pitch but obviously we have to stop making them.

"The Championship is as strong as it has been for 20 years and walking into this situation and this football club I was very aware of it, I could have shied away from it. It's not in my make up.

"I know where this club wants to be and at the end of the season and next season, what we want to sustain.

"Things have got to be put into place to do that moving forward and certainly leaders of the club are aware of it and we will try our best to make positive decisions."