Warney unsure on seasons future.

Last updated : 30 April 2020 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, the gaffer was unsure what was going to happen, with other leagues in Europe being voided this week, the EFL have yet to make a decision on Football in England.

“I worry more with this week than I have any other week. I see what is happening with the rest of Europe and see there’s a head doctor at FIFA saying that football should not start until September."

"France are not starting anything until September and Holland is shut. Germany are trying. The Spanish tried and then pulled out and the Italians are trying. I think with what happens here, I do honestly believe that everything will be done to try and get it back." Warne said

“But there will have to be a stage where it is either ‘we are looking great here and we keep going and that’s fine’ or it will be: ‘let’s be sensible about it. We cannot come back until say September.’

“By then, there will hopefully be a vaccine and more PPE kit and testing. But there’s still many unanswered questions for everyone.

“I would not want to be the head of the Premier League or the EFL as it’s so difficult. Whatever happens, there will be a problem,” he observed.

“I think the difficulty is that whoever you interview has a bias. Watford and West Ham have come out and said they don’t think they should re-start. But there has to be a part of your brain that thinks: ‘with the position, you are in, I can understand that.’

“In that way, we want to re-start and Leeds do. Of course, we do – we are both having good seasons and want to go up.

“But if they do call the season off – which is as likely as unlikely at the minute, let’s be fair – it is just about what is the fairest way, really.”