Warne proud of the players

Last updated : 24 September 2017 By Millersmad

“I knew it was a banana skin before we started. Ninety-nine per cent of our fans today turned up and expect us to turn them over. They’ve played really well in their last three games. I know it sounds silly but I thought they were one of the in-form teams in the league. They’ve picked up since the transfer window."

“I knew it was going to be tough. I was pleased when we went 1-0 up but to concede from a corner is disappointing. We said to the lads to be patient. We said to keep playing with confidence and eventually you’ll get your breakthrough."

“In the end I thought we were phenomenal in the last 15 minutes. We made changes and someone’s just told me that the three substitutions we made contributed to three assists and two goals. So we’ve got firepower on the bench and we can change anyone at any time.”

“We changed the wingers over at half time, I’m obsessed with personalities but also physical fitness. I feel the longer a game goes on and we’re in it, the more chance we have. I felt we were stronger as the game went on, especially kicking towards the Kop who are a great help at sucking the ball in. We tweaked a couple of things at half-time and gave them a little boost."

“We played well first half but not as well as we have done. It wasn’t as fluent but that’s due to Oldham who played well. They kept the ball well and we knew how we were going to attack them. I didn’t think our delivery was perfect and people could tell Kieffer was playing at seven out of 10 today, he didn’t look as mobile."

“His groins are sore and they do tighten up. He wasn’t as crisp but I’m not knocking him. He wants to play and he puts his body on the line. Kieffer was still excellent but he wasn’t all guns blazing."

“We possibly could have gone in at half-time in the lead but I was happy to go in drawing. I knew if we played to the intensity we can, we’re difficult to deal with."

“Joe Newell’s the unluckiest man. I pulled him into my office today and said to him he’s the one out of all the lads who’s entitled to knock my door down and ask why he isn’t playing. He’s been the best trainer this week.”