Warne open to January departures

Speaking to the Star, Warne siad; “If anyone who is not playing were to come to me and say they didn't think they were getting a fair crack or not getting the opportunities, then I wouldn't want to keep anyone who didn't want to be here."

“If Fordey for example didn't play any minutes between now and January and something suitable came up for him then that would be fine, that would be the same for anyone. I get it that if you're not in the team it's hugely frustrating, especially if you think you are doing everything right."

“It is difficult for me, there is no one that I don't like as a person or a footballer but I also understand that I can only pick XI."

“With all sincerity I haven't got an idea that a certain two or three could leave, that isn't the case, they just have to be patient to get their opportunity and then be better than the person they replace when they get it.”

"I don't like carrying more than five loans, so if we keep all of our loans then the only option we have got is to sign permanent, I haven't been told off the chairman that I have to get outs to get ins."