Warne on Dexter Blackstock

Last updated : 08 January 2017 By Millersmad

"I played Dexter for 50 minutes, he's a handful in the air, he's a handful on the pitch, but did he have an amazing game? no he didn't, did he take his opportunity to be in the team to face Norwich? Maybe not, so I put Jerry (Yates) on and thought he did very well and tried hard."

"That's all I ask of all my players, if Jerry comes on and has a stinker but tries his heart out, I can look him in the eye and say I appreciate the effort." Warne told Radio Sheffield.

"I'm not going to sit here and hammer Dexter because I'm not that sort of guy, but could he play better? Definately"

“Dexter is a little bit rusty, he hasn’t played a lot of first-team games lately. He said his hamstring was a little bit tight, I haven’t spoke to him since,” Warne said. “I haven’t had a fall out with him or anything like that.

“You know what my philospohy is when players are tight, I take them off.”

“Dexter didn’t miss chances or anything like that, but was he the best player on the pitch? No he wasn’t. But I don’t think anyone in a red shirt was in the first half.”