Warne gives work update

Last updated : 30 April 2020 By Millersmad

"Morales quite good, the lockdown novelty has worn off a little bit for some of them, they're pack animals and they used to be 30 of us at the training grounds most days a week so for them to suddenly not have that is weird."

"I was in work this morning and the injured players were with the physio today we just couldn't stop talking it's just nice to talk to someone differently face to face."

"I think they all enjoy seeing each other and they will probably look forward to coming back so if we do come back in a couple of weeks we start one on one training and all that will be nice to see them, I think they are coping alright I mean all the lads seems to be a lot of young children so that would be at his own difficulties."

"It's always nice to see your kids grow up, so you shouldnt take that for granted, solution but I think they're ready to come and kick a ball again. They've been voluntary running, I can see what they've done if they choose to do it and can't force anyone to do it but they have kept themselves on top of their fitness in that respect. I just think they're missing a bit of football."

apart from being on the grass and you know hands-on video meetings, I've been watching them so last Friday I had one with Eddie Jones he is really good he had one yesterday was Kelly and coaches currently in Germany that was really good, he was talking about the training process post lockdown so that when we go back so that was quite good."

"Tomorrow's is about mental well-being, we're trying to improve ourselves as people and coaches. We're also doing the recruitment side, so we're watching games all the time it's been quite nice, I've really enjoyed watching football without the time limitations on the day so we've watched loads of players and directed by Scotty, Me and Richy watching players and will give them scores for different things."

"There's loads of things going on, its like being back at school, it's been relly enjoyable. We've been going through our set-peices and performances where we didnt get the points we wanted, asking myself if I made mistakes, did I make the wrong sub at the wrong time. It's easy in hindsight but if we don't try and learn we're going to make the same mistakes time again, so we've used this time in that respect to really have a good look at our season."