Warne confident Millers can weather storm

Last updated : 25 March 2020 By Millersmad

Warne said: “We have had our own ‘COBRA’ meeting with the heads of all departments. I appreciate it’s a bad time with people losing jobs all over the place. But I have not been led to believe there will be any problem here. But if it is a long time and if it goes on for six, nine or ten months, it will be completely different." Warne told the Yorkshire Post

“Hopefully, if we can get back to realistically playing football in June – the club is managed really well and we are fortunate we have a supportive owner – we should be able to get through.

“Hopefully, if it is over quickly, it gives clubs every chance to maintain their staff.”

One issue for managers is player contracts, which normally end on June 30th, if the season is extended, then this is very likely to go over that date.

“I haven’t got many out of contract, fortunately. But if the season does go past that, it will all be done by the EFL. All the loans will be naturally extended by a month. I can’t see any club – either way – pulling anyone back or anything. I think everything will be extended and something put in place so that everyone can have an extra month put on their contracts. It will be a difficult year for those players who are out of contract."

“But I think all things will be assisted by the EFL and they will help us as I don’t think anyone wants problems like that. I don’t think it will be anything I need to address, but the players can knock on my door whenever.”