Warne - I'm exhausted

Last updated : 04 May 2020 By Millersmad

The Millers chief told The Yorkshire Post: “It sounds stupid, but I am exhausted by the end of the day as I am talking all day. I am going to bed earlier than I’d normally go at about half nine."

Warne went on to speak about the changes to his usual routine of getting out on the training field.

"It is management but in a different shape and form. I am still reaching out to people all the time with FaceTime meetings, but it is just a completely different role without a match-day, which you gear everything towards."

“All your weeks are defined by games. Even in pre-season, you have still got friendlies in two days and your first league game in three weeks or whatever."

“Now you haven’t got that. It is all about trying to get everyone to use this opportunity to self-improve. I know that sounds very clichéd, but the FA and LMA have done lots of really good webinars." 

“I am on one where a manager is talking about being prepared for job interviews and how he got his first job in management. I have never done a job interview in my life, so definitely need that skills set."

“Last week, I spoke to the coach at New York Red Bulls and we exchanged books to read.

“Then, there are your own staff who have got fears and worries. I speak to my owner quite a lot and always let him know exactly what I know and be open and honest. Then, you have to keep reaching out to the players."

“It is a different job, but a tiring one. I have embraced the whole video meetings and they have been brilliant and all the lads have got it.

“When I speak in web meetings with staff, you can see them all on your screens, but the sad thing is there is no social element to it. It is really productive, but with no human element of ‘how are you, how is your missus?’ You just get work chat and no chit-chat.”

“I listened to an excellent webinar last week from Eddie Jones. At the moment, we are second and have had a really good season, but it would be remiss of us to think we have got it sussed.

“The performances have reminded us of our good stuff, but also our Achilles heel. I have a better appreciation of what we are and are not.”