Wage cap for lower leagues??

Last updated : 15 May 2020 By Millersmad

The clubs facing an uncertain future in regards of actually playing, what is certain is that there is a massive lack of funds with no fans coming through the turnstyles until well into next season at the earliest..

In a meeting with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee last week, EFL Chaorman Rick Parry stated that a salary cap and other cost control measures were “absolutely essential”.

“There is a lot of debate going on about that at the moment. We have an imbalance in the distribution, we have the parachute payments which cause immense stress within the Championship so yes I do think the distribution model is a problem. Any model where wages are 106 per cent of turnover is ridiculous,” he told the committee.

And he's not on his own, Forest Green Rovers chairman Dale Vince made some very valid points.

“We can all see the problems every year, there are a couple of clubs that just about make it to the end of the season - or don’t - and go into administration.

“A player wage cap would be a way to control that. The amount of money that gets spent by some clubs would then relieve the pressure on other clubs to match it - it becomes an arms race.

“You get the odd individual who just operates on the very edge of insolvency and legality. With a wage cap, people like that would be more constrained and less able to do real harm.”

“It’s something that can be agreed now. We’ve got this downtime to work on the details, and put it in place ready (for the new season).”