There might be no Rotherham United next season - Coleman

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"Will there still be a Rotherham United next season? I cannot be certain. I would like to think that someone will come in." That was the words from the chairman..

"The next month is critical for the future of the club it all depends how seriously people take it, the supporters and every-one else involved.

"In the past clubs have been saved but sooner or later clubs are going to stop getting saved because without the right facilities they are very difficult to run.

"I don't think people have taken it seriously enough that the club cannot stand on its own two feet, we need some help with this. If the town loses its football club then Rotherham would be all the worse for it."

Coleman was hopeful that administrator Jeremy Bleazard could run the club until the end of the season, but warned of the lack of revenue over the summer months.

"We are coming to a period of three months with no revenue and the players and staff have to be paid, There are a lot of costs that will also be incurred and a lot of work that has to be done on the ground."

"I would be surprised if no-one came in but they would have to come in with funds. I would say they would need a minimum of £500,000 to even think of taking the club forward."

However Denis is upset that there is seemingly a lack of intrest from local businessmen; "I find it very hard to believe that there are not enough people in and around Rotherham who would like to be involved, We have met several people but the reality is that it was not a very attractive scenario to come into." He told the 'Tiser.

"We did our utmost to get people to come in and avoid administration." he added.

Meanwhile the administrator Jeremy Bleazard gave the following statement: "Administration will give the club breathing space and the opportunity to restructure its finances. We are hopeful that in the long run we can save this historic club. We need people to come forward immediately. The survival of the club depends on finding a purchaser."

"Any interested parties will have to go through a sales process which involves signing a confidentiality agreement and proving funds."

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