The Rainy day has come - Tony

Last updated : 23 March 2020 By Millersmad

Stewart who rescued the Millers from exsistance spoke to the Rotherham Advertiser as the Coronavirus break was announced.

“We have tended to be prudent with our cash and we have spent in accordance with the business model we have. We're healthy and that's all about running a business, whether it's football or otherwise."

With no football on the horizon until at least May, all clubs will be facing a huge drop in income.

“You have to prepare for a rainy day and guess what? It’s come around." Stewart said.

“We are able to do this due to our staff and manager. We are quite frugal, we always have been. We like value for money, it's that Yorkshire attitude and it doesn't go amiss in times like this.”

“The EFL know that the clubs in League One and Two have to put cash flows and balance sheets in so they have a view how critical it is for certain clubs to go through this period. It is new for us all."

“I have experienced the three-day week and the Miners' Strike during my 50 years in business but I've never been confronted with something like this.”