The lads are keeping fit - Burbeary

Last updated : 05 April 2020 By Millersmad

"I think the hardest part at the minute is putting the reins on the lads to be honest, We've got a private Strava group which we've put together with the players and we've prescribed a few weeks’ worth of running activities for the lads to complete. A lot of the boys are keen to get out there and do a lot more than what is asked of them. That's brilliant in one respect but on the other side, t is difficult for me to manage remotely because we don't know what surfaces they are on or which routes are available to them, whether that be gravel, trail or grass.” Burberry told the clubs official website.

"We've been doing all of the online classes, The hardest part about all of this is the isolation."

"We have such good relationships at the training ground and probably one of the most 'together' groups that I have ever experienced working in professional football. We are very socially inclined to be around each other. The difficulty with that, is that without these online communities, there is only so much texting and calling you can really do."

"To put us into a virtual room full of people we can have a good laugh. I think that is the main thing, to make sure the boys are staying happy, keeping in touch with each other and seeing each other's faces - it goes a long way.”

"We have structured the week out, so the staff that we have at the football club probably put on about 15 classes a week, Players have to log in with their IDs and then they'll do sessions on strength, yoga, Pilates and stretching among others, alongside their running work."

"We do think of ourselves as one of the fittest teams in the league and we have to make sure we maintain that. If we start and come off the boil and have to pick the players back up then we may have shot ourselves in the foot, so if there is anything we can be at this moment in time, it is the best training team in the league."

“That's what we pride ourselves on. We want to be the best trainers regardless of where we are in the league."

"Uncertainty is a big buzzword regarding the pandemic. I know there are bigger things to worry about in the world right now than football, but from our perspective as coaches our sole priority is to make sure that the players are maintaining fitness and health for if the season does resume,” he explained.

"We try to be quite innovative at this football club and wherever we perhaps don't have resources that others do, we try to be more resourceful as people. My plan to begin with is to make sure the lads are achieving their distances throughout the course of the week that we would hit in a normal week on the training ground and that they are doing the supplementary work on top of that.