The game had to be played - Barks

Last updated : 21 March 2021 By Millersmad

"The bigger picture is we're running out of days.

“We just had to get the game over and done with and as a group we've tried to do the best we can. It wasn't an ideal scenario to come back after one day's training and play against a former Premier League team who will be there or thereabouts for promotion," he said.

"I can't fault the effort of the lads, We could have ended up winning the second half, which doesn't give you any points but does give you some momentum."

“I don’t think anyone can question the character, the desire or the mentality of these players, It is a group of players that every Rotherham United fan should be proud of. Their desire has got us to where we are so that cannot be questioned, but we are going to literally need everybody. It is going to be a punishing schedule but hopefully rewarding at the end of it."

“It was a very difficult night, I’m disappointed with the goals and how they were scored. Against a very good team with ex-Premier League players, to concede from the second phase of set plays is disappointing."

“We knew the way Watford were going to play and there was part of me that thought I’d rather them carve us open than concede the way we did. Having said that, we spoke to the players and they said that it all felt a little alien to them tonight."

“Woody has not played for a month, the rest of the lads haven’t trained for two weeks, it is something that comes back very quickly but it is a long period of time without the lads doing anything.”

“We were a little worried in the end about picking up injuries, a lot of our subs were about injury prevention and in the end we could have done with maybe three more subs because we had some players on their last legs on the end. They’ll come back fitter after this, but it won’t happen over night.

“It is nobody’s fault and is just the case of the world we’re living in, some lads have been laid out with covid and obviously not been out the house or even doing so, so to come back from that I was a little worried about a few of them to be honest.

“Hopefully, we’ve got through it without and major injuries and we’ll be better for it in a few days’ time.”