Taylor - Post Norwich

Last updated : 28 September 2023 By Millersmad

"We got the goals which always makes it a better performance in the first half.

"You always know there is going to be a reaction. Them scoring when they did gave us time to settle. We weren't comfortable by any means but we saw out the game.

"We were close against Blackburn, with no points and more of a match for Leicester. It could have gone either way. The players have to keep believing because we are good enough to compete and we have to get something out of these games.

"It is a shot in the arm which they needed, which I have been trying to put in with words, but nothing speaks louder than three points.

"We were at a little bit of a crossroads and waiting for the first win to give us belief.

"I was disappointed with their goal and we could have taken more pressure off ourselves by sustaining our attacking moments."