Success breeds success - Icky

Last updated : 04 April 2022 By Millersmad

Icky scored the Millers 4th goal to seal the cup win in extra time, and speaking to the Yorkshire Post, he spoke about it being a family affair.

“It’s Wembley, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what competition you play in, it’s at Wembley, All your family’s there, all the fans have travelled and I don’t care what competition you’ve played in, not many people can say they’ve won at Wembley.”

“We’re a smallish squad compared to some teams in the league and that comes with negatives and benefits of course, We hadn’t really had a blip all season but we’ve had one now and that break should serve us well. It’s just a massive push now for a month."

“I think we were a little bit rusty but I wouldn’t blame it on the few weeks we haven’t played. I think the break’s done us well and then to play in this competition and win should give us the confidence now, it’s a brilliant platform so let’s go and get promoted.

“Success breeds success so to go there and win was an amazing day for us and our families; now let’s have another amazing day by getting promoted and enjoying it with the fans.”