Stewart frustrated with lack of direction

Last updated : 18 May 2020 By Millersmad

There was supposed to be a reconviened today, but that has been cancelled, Leaving even less time for any return to the game to happen, which really leaves us wondering, who will go up??

Speaking to the Rotherham Advertiser on Friday, chairman Tony Stewart gave his view on the meeting.

"I don't think there were sticking points, I think what happened was Rick Parry (EFL chairman) decided to open it to whoever and the magic six, and I am sure you know who they are, are thinking that they could have got to higher heights."

"Then there was a split with the lower clubs saying they couldn't throw money at things. There was a split but I do believe if it went to a vote it would be for a cancellation."

"I am going to have a word with Rick Parry, because the testing, everything that goes before you kick a ball, all that comes into play.

"Here we are we another meeting that is going to kick on to Monday and Tuesday. I am like most chairman. I am frustrated by the indecision. We need a decision on whether we fulfil the fixtures. The other option is the best option. They have allowed us to ponder the meeting today. I am hoping it is Monday. We were told there was going to be a decision by this Wednesday, then it was going to be Friday and now we have got the weekend. We are running out of time. Meeting after meeting. I just don't feel as if we are moving forward. We seem to be talking about the same thing. If I was to assume anything I would assume the problem lies with the Premier League. Without money coming from them or the Government, I can't see some  teams getting to Christmas."

Stewart spoke about League 2 and the fact they made the decision to cancel the season, have promotions but no relegation. "Because we are in the second position, I have not been vocal. I need to try to get some persuasion into a decision being made so we know what we are doing. League Two havemade their decision, not only the decision not to play but also the decision on where teams are sitting next season. They have got all the time now until August or whenever to prepare."