Salisbury was unbelievable - Robbo

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Big striker Drewe Broughton was the victim of a number of challenges that went unpunished by Salisbury. "He took quite a battering, You should see his legs - he's got bruises, cuts, scratches, all down his legs. He's been stamped on and got a stud mark in his foot. He has a bruise on the back of his head." boss Mark Robins told todays Star.

"The lad's been battered all over the place and he's had no protection whatsoever from the referee, and it's not good enough. Here we have an honest player. He plays wholeheartedly and he doesn't get the protection that everyone else on the field gets. Well, he should get it, and he should have got it on Saturday."

"I spoke to him afterwards and told him that he had done brilliantly to keep his head. We've seen that Drewe has shown he's got a short fuse at times but I thought he stood up to it manfully."

"Janos Kovacs had to play like he did to keep him quiet and got man of the match." Robins added.

"The tackle on Mark Hudson would have ripped him in two had it connected properly. It got a yellow card.

"There were some ambiguous decisions and we just want some consistency. We had all sorts of things go against us. It was a really, really poor performance by the ref."
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