Ronnie still unhappy with Bradford defeat

Last updated : 12 March 2011 By Bigrich.....

The 2-1 loss in front of nearly 11,000 spectators at Valley Parade left a bitter taste and Moore insists the officials should have been stronger.

In todays Advertiser he said: "The game was petering out to a draw and to lose it to such a controversial decision was heart-breaking.
"It was cruel. I thought the assistant referee had given offside at first. How could he possibly see that the ball had gone over the line? All you've got to do is look at the reaction of the Bradford players. When the ball hit the bar they made a forward run (to try to get to the rebound). That tells you they didn't think it was in.

"I felt for the referee because he didn't think it had gone in but he's got to go with his linesman. All of my lads told me it didn't go in and three of the Bradford boys said the same. They can't all be wrong.
"Maybe the big crowd got to one or two of the officials." 

He added: "It's hard to come out and speak afterwards when you see how committed and wholehearted the players were, and to have it snatched off them was gutting.
"The score said we lost 2-1 and lost three points but the lads can hold their heads high and they were very unfortunate not to come away with a win. We live to fight another day and we have a massive game now that we have to win."