Richardson slates officials but doesnt blame them

Last updated : 27 February 2024 By Millersmad

"I thought we started the game in the ascendancy and the goal hasn't cost the result but it's led to a large part of it with the handball, so you're disappointed for the players with the work ethic they've put in.

"But congratulations to Leeds, they're up there for a reason, you can see the quality of player and what happens if you give them chances.

"With the result, I think the 10 minutes in the second half [where Leeds scored twice] killed the game.

"Their first goal was disappointing with how it came about with the decision because I think it's an easy decision. But I'm very respectful of the officiating, they've got a million and one things to make.

"Andy has apologised but I didn't really appreciate the linesman who was on this side laughing and joking with Patrick after the game.

"I think that's unprofessional but that's not an excuse and we'll move on from that. That's their takeaway to get better themselves."