Promotion secures jobs - Warney

Last updated : 10 June 2020 By Millersmad

"It is a massive relief for me. It doesn't feel like someone is sitting on my chest any more. I know it sounds dramatic and I'm the voice box of the football club and not everyone might agree with that but everything ends up at my door so the fact that has all been taken away is a massive relief."

"It was getting a bit of a stress but it was the whole job security thing that didn't sit well with me. I understand that teams win football games and managers get sacked on defeats but it is not fair if your physios or your masseurs or others lose jobs through no fault of their own."

"It is the same in every job, I know, but these are my staff, my family, my club and my responsibility. I haven't slept very well for the last few nights."

“Apart from me and Richie Barker, it has secured everyone’s future in the club. I’d like to think so anyway; our jobs are never secure – I understand that."

“You are talking about people’s livelihoods and it is the same in every walk of life at the moment. If we go up this way and it makes our club more financially stable, then why wouldn’t I be proud of that. I am and now I have got a lot less awkward conversations than I might have to."

“I said from day one that my honest opinion was to null and void it or finish it how it was. I never believed it was financially viable to bring everyone out of furlough and do the testing and finish the league in its entirety.”

“It’s good for the club at this bad time and hopefully it will give people in Rotherham a lot to smile about.

“It’s poignant for me because it is the anniversary of my father’s death and it sums up the season we have had. We’ve had a lot of heartache in the club, some really sad stories within my coaching and playing staff.

“We have also had some sad stories on the terraces, more than I have ever known and it just feels like we are a really unified club which makes me really proud."

“To go up the way we have isn’t ideal, but it is probably the fairest way to end the season. It will probably sink in later because it seems a bit surreal. You get promoted and there is a game, a pitch invasion or something."

“It does feel odd but it doesn’t detract from the achievement of the lads this year, they have thoroughly deserved to be in the top two. It’s not like they have turned up by fluke.”