Proctor to lead team out

Last updated : 17 May 2018 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Warne said; “I can let Procs walk the team out now at Wembley and it will give him a boost, he deserves it. He has had an horrendous season and it is testament to how the lad is and how professional he has been this season and how upbeat he has been.

“I think the success of the team is only there because of the success of everybody. From my physios to my fitness coach and coaches, everyone has played a massive part. Even though Proctor, bless his heart has been injured, his attitude around the place has been great. He comes to the changing rooms before games and texts me ‘good luck’ before games and is in there every morning at seven o’clock with the staff in the gym."

“His attitude has been spot-on and he epitomises what we want to do at this club. We want good people who are proud to wear the shirt and give everything. And he is one of those characters. “I think that would be the best gift I could give him. I cannot give him anything else. I cannot give him time on the pitch because he just is not right yet. I think it would give him a big boost and I would willingly give him the honour to take the team out.”