Millers satisfied with sales so far.

Last updated : 01 June 2006 By Bigrich.....
According to reports from fans buying tickets, the club so far have sold arouund the 300 mark, obviously nowhere near the required figure of 2500 but Douglas tells the 'Tiser the club are not displeased.

One thing that has annoyed fans since last summer was the clubs inability to accept plastic cards, debit or credit. Because of the clubs perilous financial state, no banks will give the Millers any credit facility.

"I accept it is not satisfactory. People use credit cards to pay for almost everything in this day and age and it is frustrating for supporters and ourselves that they are not able to purchase season tickets the same way." Douglas said.

"However, the financial track record of the club means we can't get credit facilities from the banks and I understand that is a situation that has existed for some time here. We are approaching various banks with a view to trying to change things, but as yet without success."
he added.

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