Millers Points verdict set for tomorrow?

Last updated : 22 July 2008 By Deano
League chiefs and Millers chairman Tony Stewart (pictured) were due in London this afternoon to oversee proceedings, but will a decision finally be made?

Rumours ongoing ahead of the Millers game against Scunthorpe tonight are that a 20 point penalty could be imposed along the lines of a failed CVA with the clubs major creditors, but nothing is set in stone and fans have been purchasing their season tickets whilst waiting patiently for a crumb of news.

Two weeks ago Luton were deducted 30 points ahead of the new League Two season, due to their financial irregularities regarding administrations and fees involving players agents - it's hoped if the Millers receive any deductions then it won't be so severe.

In the meantime , we're all playing the waiting game....
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