Millers need total control - Stewart

Last updated : 02 October 2008 By Deano
Infront of a few hundred at Liquid nightclub last night, Stewart was thanked by fans for saving the club in crisis and proceeded to speak about his determination to have things ready at the earmarked Parkgate site, within his four year timescale.

He explained: "The club, or me, must have more than 50 per cent, we need control. It is important it is owned by Rotherham United, we want stability, longevity and control.

"The Borough Council has been very good, very supportive. The steering committee meets monthly and I'm having meetings with the Council to get things moving along quickly," said Stewart.

"We have a mission to move in four years and I gave (the Football League) that deadline because I wanted the urgency. We are looking at new stadia elsewhere and expect to have a plan within 6 to 9 months."

Tony added the club has no current debt but had plans in place for a loss in the first financial year.

He added: "I want Rotherham United to finance its existence over the four year plan and believe we can but there's a lot of work to do every bit of support from fans is vital, we are ambitious, we do want to go forward with drive and passion and fulfilling the dream and that's what we're going to achieve."

Plans for RUSC (the supporters club) and Millers Trust to merge and form one supporting body to represent the club were also discussed.

Quotes: the Rotherham Star
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