Looks Like Ronnie's Going

Last updated : 27 January 2005 By Bigrich.....
After rumours broke on last nights Football Heaven, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive today, and it is now virtually nailed on that Ronnie will part company with the Millers tomorrow (Friday).

Moore's future had been uncertain since the club was taken over during the festive period. There was no contract coming for Moore at all under the previous regime, but the new Millers chairman Peter Ruchniewicz told the media that Ronnies contract would be sotrted out in 8-12 weeks during the Millers05 press conference.

However, that was'nt fast enough for Ronnie and he forced the issue and asked for it to be put on the agenda for a board meeting a couple of weeks ago. Since then nothing has been said from either side.

This evening the club did make a statement regarding the situation, Chairman Peter Ruchniewicz said: "We do want to keep fans fully informed but I can only reiterate that we are currently involved in very important negotiations for both Ronnie Moore and the club. Both parties agreed that there will be no public statements until the discussions are concluded."

Ruchniewicz also added that he is hopeful that the negotiations will be completed on Friday, and another statement will be released then. This has just added more fuel to the fire that Moore is going.

It is understood that the parting will be by mutual consent and that John Breckin will also be leaving, although this is all hear-say at present and I'm sure we will all know a bit more if and when it actually happens.

Moore's possible replacement is rumoured to be Billy McEwan, however this is just a rumour, and nothing is there to say he is or not. McEwan is available though as he was let go by Derby in October.
Gid Ronnie Nowt

The debate will run and run about Ronnie, with many fans up in arms with him apparently going, while other's want him out after the results over the last 12 months or so.

He certainly has'nt had an easy time at Rotherham, with virtually no backing from the previous regime he had worked wonders in getting us into this division, and keeping us up here for 3 years.

However, over the last 18 months or so, he has had his well publicised personal problems, and the farcical takeover attempts which will no doubt have not helped matters. But the failure to replace Martin Butler combined with having a shocking midfield for the majority of the campaign so far has left the Millers 12 points away from safety and just about doomed to relegation.

Should he go, then all Millers fans will thank him and Breck for what they have done, and the great times we have had with them. Who will ever forget the away win at Hartlepool, the whole division 2 season, That goal in That game. The wins against those prats over the hill, beating Southampton and all the rest!!

All the best Ron & John.