Last administration not our fault - Coleman

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Speaking to the 'Tiser, Denis Coleman has slated the FL ruling which bans him from being a football club director because he has been involved with 2 footballing administrations.

Coleman took the club into the CVA shortly after taking over the club in 2006 which got rid of 99% of the clubs debt, however just 2 years later the club finds itself in administration again.

Denis however plans to challenge the ruling, claiming that the original administration was not the fault of the current board. He confirmed that he had spoke to the Football League and had been told that no decision had been made to disqualify him but to put his feelings in writing.

Coleman told the 'Tiser; "The administration of 2006 was not our fault, we had to put the club into administration because we didn't have time to do anything else after taking over from the Millers 05 group."

"But with this League rule if no one comes in to save the club and I wanted to take it on, my disqualification means it would be forced into liquidation. The ideal situation is for someone to come in with a lot of money to throw at the club. But, if anyone thinks they can come in and take it on for nothing they are living in dreamland."

"If I can, I would take the club back on but there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to stack up. I would also have to be confident that the fans were behind any bid. We would have to make an initial investment of around £300,000 and then we would need a working capital from the supporters in terms of season ticket sales etc." Denis added.

"I want to establish where I stand so I'm in a position to do whatever I possibly can for the club. I don't want to see Rotherham United die."

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