Keep the demands up - Stewart

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tonystewart1Tony Stewart is one person who is happy that the Millers faithfull are showing thier frustrations during the current poor run.

"The reason people are whinging is that we have a good side and we won't settle for second best any more. We are going to be in the Championship in the three years' time and I'm happy with the supporters being upset when we draw. It shows that the level of expectation is so much higher now. Let's keep that expectation and those demands up." he told todays 'Tiser.

Stewart went on to back under pressure manager Ronnie Moore who has just one win under his belt sinces retaking charge of the Millers just over a month ago;"Ronnie has a good track record. He took over failing clubs in Oldham and Tranmere and lifted them and my confidence in him is as strong as ever. I know we aren't playing as well as we should be but we know that for some unknown reason people do have flat spots."

"This is a good opportunity for us this season and we need to grasp it." he added

Boss Moore gave his thoughts on the boo's from last weekend; "They have always been like that. They want everything instant. We were third in the league when I came here and they thought we were going to walk away with it."

"Football is not like that. You always hit a bit of a rocky patch and it's about coming through it and going on and doing the right thing. We've got to be brave on the ball and make the right decisions when we're in and around the box and once we get back to doing that then we'll be OK."

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