It's going to be hard to restart - Tony

Last updated : 11 May 2020 By Millersmad

With the government today saying there will be no elite sport taking place in the UK until June 1st at the earliest, its looking more likely that the EFL will end the season this week as rumoured.

Millers chairman Tony Stewart admitted to the Yorkshire Post that any re-start to the season would be full of difficulties

“We need a decision, we need to get some direction from the Football League, They are our masters. We have been waiting patiently and it will be nice to know where we are at this time."

“I have got doubts, it will be very difficult to restart. I don’t see League One and League Two starting. I would be amazed. They are talking about mid-June, we are talking about just weeks that we have got to prepare for it."

“I don’t think there is the time to get it organised and together. But if instruction comes we have to do what we have to do. The EFL are meeting on Wednesday-Thursday, we are led to believe something will come out of that.

“I just think that what we need is to get instructions so we know which way we are going. We don’t know what the decision is, but what I am told is that Thursday at the latest, maybe Wednesday, but certainly Thursday a decision will be made and we will know where we stand on this season and the start of next season.”

With the Millers in 2nd place, Stewart obviously wants the Millers to be promoted; “I am biased because we are in second place, By my reckoning we have played 78 per cent of the games, I think the top two should go up, or top three go up but no one gets relegated."

“That would go down well with the clubs at the bottom. Over the number of matches we have played, I think the top two have certainly proved a point.”