It was a 0-0 game all over

Last updated : 27 February 2024 By Millersmad

"Hopefully we will be busy next week. We have needed bodies from January first. We are struggling to fill the bench.

"The first emotion was there was a game there to be won. I think it was a 0-0 game with one moment of quality which wins the game.

"I don't think it should have been a free-kick. I think their manager would be saying the same thing if it was a flipside.

"In the second half we were the aggressor without having that final moment of quality or decision making.

"We have been very diligent in certain areas and aggressive in others. One of my frustrations is we got in some good areas but we need to be more aggressive with our crosses and shots.

"We have got to improve daily and have really good habits. We have to keep being really positive and working hard.

"I won't have anybody knock the lads' work effort or endeavour."