I'm pleased for the fans - Richardson

Last updated : 28 April 2024 By Millersmad

"Millwall are going to bring certain things to the table and we had to match that. We did that in large parts.

"I am pleased for certain players who have kept themselves available and put themselves out there in many situations where some wouldn't.

"I am pleased for the fans, it's easy to say that, but they do live and breathe it. They have seen a competitive display.

"As a club we need to come together and become a better version of ourselves.

"I was made up for Seb. Because he is learning and seeing things for the first time. He has kept himself going and available.

"Many people in January turned their nose up to the challenge (of joining) but Charlie took the challenge on and wanted to be part of it. Credit to him because he deserved the goal too.

"We need to go into the summer with some sort of momentum. The main thing is we are very aware of what we are doing. We are doing a rebuild."I'm pleasd