I'm gutted for the fans. Richardson

Last updated : 31 March 2024 By Millersmad

"It was frustrating and I am gutted for the fans really. In a derby you want to give a strong positive result for them.

"The lads got emotionally attached to the game a little bit.

"The second half was evenly balanced but the goal is horrendous from our point of view. They're all avoidable but it takes the same pattern at the minute where we are competitive to a level but then we are looking for that quality and momentum to go our way.

"We are very fix and mend at the minute with players playing out of position. There is disparity in the squad. We are limited in a lot of areas and we have six players on the bench.

"Whatever we lack in certain areas it's not a will to win. Our levels seem to drop after 60-70 minutes."