I wouldnt want him to go. - Robins

Last updated : 12 April 2008 By Bigrich.....
Oxley who has just been called up for the England Under 18 squad and is the reported target for Aston Villa in a £250k move.

Boss Mark Robins admitted that he would like to keep the untried keeper at Millmoor

"We wouldn't want to let him go under normal circumstances but everyone knows the situation here and we need the money, I brought Mark to the club and always knew he would be a very, very good goal-keeper. We would be sorry to see him go." he told the 'Tiser

Robins also confirmed that the club would also be looking to recoup some of the £65k spent on wage deferral rebel Chris O'Grady.

"The transfer window has ended so not a lot can happen, although deals can be made and agreed." Robbo ended.

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