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Moore took charge last week for the second time after a fouir year absence after being sacked by Millers05 and spoke at length about recent history and his thoughts on how it unfolded.

"When the club was taken over by the supporters' trust I thought it might have been a job for life" he said. "But things happen and they happen for a reason.

"I was having a bad time in my personal life at that time and I can understand things now. Results weren't going well and the concentration levels from me weren't what they should have been.

"But it is hard: anyone who's been in that position has to be super-human. You can't let your home life interfere with your work. It's very, very hard and I don't think there are a lot of people who can do that.

"I was unfortunate that I wasn't one of them. There was the horrible divorce case that went on but since then I've settled down.

"I've moved on", Moore added. "I'm settled in my family life now and married with a three-year-old daughter. I have mellowed, but not in my desire to win games. I don't go out as much now. It was stupid back then, going through that silly, silly phase.

"I don't know what it was or why it happened, but it did and I can't claw that back. The disappointing thing out of all of that period was when we drew Manchester United in the cup. We played Northampton in the previous round and ended up losing the game—I remember Ken Booth saying 'that's the fastest 500 grand I've ever lost!' "I can understand where he was coming from and at the time you don't realise what's happening. It's only later on that you look back and think what an opportunity was missed there and how stupid it was to let my personal life interfere with football.

"But that's history and I've now been given the opportunity to come back and carry on my unfinished business."

He continued: "You look at Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger in their 60s. You look at the top four managers in the country and then talk about kids, the 36 and 38 year olds, and you can't beat experience.

"Look at Tranmere with John Barnes and Jason McAteer in charge, two wonderful players, but they need an experienced guy to guide them. I'd like to finish here. Be it as manager or director of football.

"Supporters at other clubs like Wednesday, United and Barnsley have laughed when I've said that if we get to the Championship then I don't think the chairman will be happy with that.

"It won't be a case of 'get 50 points and stay there'. I honestly believe he'll want more. People laugh and say they can't see Rotherham in the Premiership in their lifetime, but stranger things have happened. If you've got the right people in charge then anything can happen.

"Tony Stewart is a good businessman and everything he touches turns to gold. When he says he's going to do something, he does it. It's like the training ground: he says it'll be ready in 12 months, but I won't be surprised if it's ready in eight months. He's that way.

"That's not me sucking up to the chairman, it's me being totally honest. The people will take this club upwards, as long as people stay with him. This is a great, great opportunity and for me especially.

"If it works it'll be magnificent, if it doesn't then at least I've had a go."

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