Got to make best of a bad situ - Ikky

Last updated : 19 April 2020 By Millersmad

Ikky picked up an injury which was expected to keep him out for 6 weeks or so just before the lock down back in March, 

Ihiekwe, has spoken with the Yorkshire Post and say's that although the Coronovirus epidemic is not good, the lockdown and suspension of the season has helped him out.

“It is weird. Obviously to have the bad news that I had this injury was terrible. But you can take the good out of a bad situation, I guess. Fingers crossed, I won’t miss any games. If I did miss one or two (before the delay), my season would have been over before. So it is definitely a positive to take out of it."

“I have never really had a significant injury, so it was a bit of a dark time. But there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Just to hear that I did not need surgery meant I was over the moon. It is coming along well and progressing.”

Ikky spoke about his lockdown so far; “My life has not changed too much, It is not too bad. I am just kicking on each day and doing my rehab. It is just me and one physio and there’s no distractions and I am just getting on with my work."

“I live just outside Chesterfield and I have got a little one-year-old and he keeps me occupied every day. It has not been the worst, to be fair.

“Obviously, I am missing the football and even watching it as I am sure everyone else is. That comes first and everyone needs to get healthy and then hopefully, we can resume the season.

“Definitely, on a personal note, this season is the most consistent I have been – playing at a good level, week in and week out which was my aim at the start of the season. It has definitely been a successful season.”

“It would be a massive blow to all of us if the season got scrapped with the position we have got ourselves in. It is a good one with nine games to go."

“It would be a massive shame with the amount of hard work we have put into it. I don’t think anyone wants to see the season scrapped – fans included. We do need to finish at whatever point we can and then go from there.”

The team have been trying to keep up the camaraderie; “The group chat has been quite lively, just to keep the lads occupied. The quiz nights are a good way for the lads to get together.

“We see each other every day normally, so you do miss that bit of banter. This is the closest thing to it. Everyone is making the best out of a bad situation.

“Tree (Matt Crooks) is the quizmaster and we can’t call him by his name anymore and we have to call him quizmaster. All the family have also been involved and it has kept everyone occupied and it has been good fun.”