Game on upto now, says Fellowes

Last updated : 25 January 2013 By Bigrich.....

An army of volunteers had cleared snow from around the New York Stadium this week after Monday and Tuesday's covering, and Fellowes left snow on the pitch until Wednesday to act as a frost defence before the covers were applied after team training yesterday.

Fellowes told the Advertiser he was confident of getting a game on despite tonights forecast for more snowfall.

“As things stand the pitch is 100% playable. The snow has insulated it and helped it to thaw and to leave the covers on would only have killed the grass.

“Right now I'm confident the match will go ahead but snow is forecast and we are in the lap of the gods. The pitch is protected and we will have to see what the weather throws at us. There are also health and safety considerations because as we know, pitches can be playable but if there are concerns about the surrounding areas then that can play a part.”