Frecks - We've let you down.

Last updated : 19 March 2017 By Millersmad

“You feel like you’ve let the fans down, you feel like you’ve let the badge down, the club,” Frecks said.

“You feel like you’re not good enough to play football, I suppose, when you  lose a game like that. You feel embarrassed. We came out and believed we could get back into the game. On the balance of play in the first half - barring the two goals, which were down to mistakes - we were well and truly in the game."

“We said: ‘Come out for the second half, keep going, if it stays at 2-1 we’ve always got a chance of coming back.’ Whether it was a penalty or not, I’m not sure. It looked soft on the pitch. I’ve not seen it back. But you make the ref give a decision and it’s gone against us. We’re 3-1 down after half-time and it kind of kills all your momentum coming out for the second half.”