Fellowes happy with New York pitch

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

Dave says in todays Tiser: “I'm really pleased with it. There's hardly a mark on it and I've had really positive feedback from our management and players and visiting teams so I can't complain.

“With a new pitch, you're always a bit nervous how it is going to cope when the ball is running on in it and tackles start going in. Ideally you'd have a couple of matches with a decent rest in between but there were four games in ten days. Some divots came out but that's nothing unusual; it was just the usual scars and marks.”

Adds Dave: “The more you put into a pitch in the summer, the more you get out in the winter because you lose a good proportion of your rooting system then. I'm confident this one will be durable  The length of the grass has been longer for the friendlies but we'll be taking it down for when the season starts and you'll see the ball zipping along the surface and hopefully it will keep on playing as well as it looks.”