Everybody wants to beat moneybags - Evans

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As yet, boss Steve Evans has yet to spend a penny in transfer fees and talking to the Yorkshire Post he looks around the division to others that he that have spet more in fee's than the Millers.

"I think we are the club to be shot at, yes. But listen, it doesn’t worry me about being favourites. We had that for two years at Crawley when we were expected to beat Championship clubs in the cup such as Derby, Hull and Bristol City. We even expected to get a result at Old Trafford in the Cup; those were the standards we placed on ourselves."

“So expectations don’t bother me. But when I read other managers come out and say: ‘Big-spending Rotherham’ when clubs like Bradford are spending good money and it’s hinted they got Connell on a free, then do me a favour!"

“Look at the money that Fleetwood have spent. One of my best friends in the game is Micky Mellon and chairman Andy Pilley is also a guy I’ve got to know particularly well over the last couple of years and, my God, they have spent some dough during the summer. So all this ‘big-spending Rotherham’ stuff does annoy me a little bit. But at the end of the day, we’ll treat it with the contempt it deserves." Evans said.

“As the chairman says, up to today, we’ve not spent a penny. We’ve tried to and are happy to spend decent money on transfer fees. But as I told the chairman when I first met him, I’ve never spent money on a player that I didn’t think was worth that. I’ve never overspent and won’t start now.” he added.

Source - Yorkshire Post