CVA decision due while Millers pleased with progress.

Last updated : 14 July 2008 By Bigrich.....
The initial creditors meeting was cancelled at short notice, however Radio Sheffield is reporting that a creditors meeting has been held and the CVA decision is due soon.

Today's Rotherham Star reports that the creditors have been offered a revised deal and the hopes are for getting the Millers league 'golden' share back without any points deductions.

"The creditors' decision is going to affect a number of things, including the potential points deduction; hopefully that will be avoided. We need to reach a deal that allows us to go forward as a viable business. I don't think it will be any later then early this week when there's an announcement on whether the CVA has been possible." Paul Douglas told the Star.

"The reason the club went into administration in March was that it couldn't afford the level of debt. We are absolutely delighted with our progress considering the dark position where we have come from." he added.

Douglas went on to praise both the fans and his boss; "People are happy to be moving because the facilities at Don Valley are top notch; in Tony Stewart  they see a local businessman who has been funding the trading of the club for several weeks. He has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds."

Meanwhile, Douglas passed comment on the Football Leagues statement of last week by saying; "We weren't surprised by the content of the statement, but were by the timing of it. We didn't think it was particularly helpful. We were aware that certain items of documentation still needed to be put in."

One thing that did worry fans was the mentioning of a £750k bond which would be returned if the club moved back to Rotherham withen 4 years, which is required for the club to recived thier golden share in the League

Douglas said: "Whether or not that money would need to be lodged before we move or whether it's something that would simply be a legally binding commitment by the club that it would be paid in the event that we were not back in four years has still to be negotiated."