Coleman - I wish the new owners good luck

Last updated : 02 May 2008 By Deano
Coleman is currently away sunning himself following the takeover by Tony Stewart after the club was left in Jeremy Bleazards tuition during administration, and he explains how the enjoyment was taken out of watching the side he's grown up supporting.

He said: "I've watched Rotherham for 36 years and can remember what it's like when we are leading by a single goal with five minutes to play and the other team attack and equalise. You feel sick but,as a director you think, that's another five hundred less fans next week!!.

"It takes the enjoyment out of watching. It will be nice to go to the games and not have any of the pressures."

He continued: "I wish the new owners good luck. I'm glad the club has been saved and the new people have the money behind them - I hope they are prepared to put it in."

However Denis warned: "They shouldn't expect it to be like any other business. People told us that when we took over and I thought they were talking rubbish. But it's true. Everything depends upon results."
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