Clubs are more than just people - Tony

Last updated : 02 June 2020 By Millersmad

Clubs have had no real income since March, and with the Coronavirus pandemic still creating havoc, a decision on wether to end the League 1 season has been millers about for the last month, to yet still more dithering.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, the Millers chairman Tony Stewart  say's that some clubs will need help to continue in the future and that clubs are an integral part of the community.

“The town needs a football club that has got longevity. You look at Bury and I said to Rick Parry: ‘forget people like me, I am just a custodian of Rotherham United." Tony said.

“Rotherham United is more important than the chairman and boards. What you have got to do is what is good for the club and not what is good for the chairman. Chairmen come and go, but then you look at Bury, who have gone. They have gone because of bad stewardship. The EFL have got to see that and need to make sure that they do the due diligence (in future)."

“The idea is to look after the club, so that when you leave, you try and make it better than it was when you found it.” 

There is musings that the government could offer financial help to lower league struggling clubs in exchange for a shareholding. 

Stewart added: “I think it is one of those things. If the cap fits, you would wear it. If you are looking at anything out there and that is the only thing out there and is the difference between closing the doors and keeping them open, that is the option." 

“For Rotherham, I don’t think I would take that option because at the end of the day, we have got a good club and it is the people who make the club. After 12 years, we have got a nice culture and fanbase."

“It is something, touch wood, at this moment in time, that is not in my thoughts. But who knows? If we get to Christmas and things have not happened, who knows what option you would take then.” he added.