Arnason talks Millers and Iceland!

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

The 29 year-old former Aberdeen man, who turned out for Iceland this week against the Faroe Islands was asked by the Advertiser on his feelings about coming back to play in England, where he has previously played at a higher standard.

Kari explains: "Whether the Scottish League is better than League Two, no-one knows really. Looking at the Rotherham team, I think we are stronger than Aberdeen but that doesn't go for every team in the division.

“We have better individuals than Aberdeen had in many positons, for example up front, which is obviously key, but the thing with international football is that they want you to be playing at the highest level and it looks good to be playing in the Scottish Premier League. Although Rotherham is the better team, it might not sway the manager.

“I called him and told him I was considering moving to League Two and pointed out that it wasn't to an ordinary League Two club. He told me I wasn't making it easier for myself and said if someone was playing well in another league, it was hard not to pick that person. But he said he liked me personally and as a footballer and I'd always have a chance.”

He adds: “We have a proper manager for the national team now which we've not had for a long time and a young group of lads plus a few experienced boys like myself. We're not in the strongest World Cup group so it's actually a chance for us. If there's ever a chance, this is it.

“We have never been to a major tournament and if we were to succeed it would be quite painful not to be involved.”