2nd best too often - Taylor

Last updated : 28 September 2023 By Millersmad

"We weren't where we needed to be to stand up to Millwall's style. It was similar to the weekend really where we're second best too often I'm afraid.

"We've got a problem with physicality; I have to start with my backline in relation to that.

"We're looking for solutions, we didn't quite have the glue to stick certain units together.

"I was actually quite pleased to get in at half-time at 1-0, despite a really good strike to go behind to.

"We tried to change a few things and in the second half, we started the brighter but that second goal is unfortunately where we are at the moment, it kind of came out of nothing, not an outstanding attack.

"We can give credit to the opposition, but we're just too easy to play through and to score against."