Internet Millers Finish Runners Up

With Huddersfield pulling out of the competition late, the format for the competition was as follows:

10:00 - Grimsby "B" vs Scunthorpe
10:50 - Nottm Forest vs Sheff Utd
11:30 - Grimsby "B" vs Sheff Utd
12:10 - Scunthorpe vs Nottm Forest
12:50 - Grimsby “B" vs Nottm Forest
13:30 - Scunthorpe vs Sheff Utd

10:00 - Rotherham vs Grimsby

10:50 - Tranmere vs York

11:30 - Rotherham vs York

12:10 - Grimsby vs Tranmere

12:50 – Rotherham vs Tranmere

13:30 – Grimsby vs York

Rotherham vs Grimsby

With four players not able to get out of bed in time to make this game, and with another not turning up, we started this game with a bear eleven players.

We knew we were capable of beating Grimsby after wins in the league of 3-0 and 1-0. On both occasions though, we struggled to break down Grimsby, so we knew we’d need to start quickly and try for an early goal.

In the first period the game was similar to the two league games, and we went in at half time at 0-0 with there being little opportunities. The second half started similar, but all changed when Gaz took a long thow into the box which was headed in by Dan.

In the last minute of the game an unfortunate incident occurred, where Mark, who was making his debut for Internet Millers, dislocated his knee. This was a massive blow to both Mark and the team. Mark was picked up in an ambulance and then sent to Grimsby where his leg was joined back together!

Final Score: Rotherham 1 – 0 Grimsby.

Rotherham vs York

A win in this game would see the Internet Millers qualify for the cup competition after Tranmere and York drew in their first game.

Our extra players had now managed to drag themselves out of bed, so we had a squad of fourteen to start this game with. It was decided that Steve would start this game up front after scoring four goals against York in the league game earlier this season.

In the first half we kicked downhill and were the better side, but missed some crucial chances. At half time the score was 0-0 in a game that we really needed to win.

Jebu brought himself on and partnered Steve in the second half, with Jammer moving to the right of midfield.

In the early stages of the half we failed to convince, and after 5 minutes we conceded a penalty after Paul brought down a York player in the box. Luckily, the penalty was poorly taken, and hit the outside of the post. This gave us the kick up the backside we needed, and suddenly things feel into place. Steve scored two goals in quick succession giving us the three points we needed to qualify for the cup competition.

Rotherham vs Tranmere

After already qualifying, the main brief for this game was to not pick up any bookings or injuries. A draw would qualify both sides to the cup competition, and the game reflected this.

We took the lead through a Steve goal, but Tranmere worked hard and got the score back to 1-1. The score remained at this despite a late period of pressure from the Millers.

Both Jebu and Duds picked up slight injuries in this game, which was not a good omen as the three Elliots had to head back to Rotherham after this game.

We had won our group comfortably, but for the remainder of the competition we would only have 11 men.

Final Score: Rotherham 1 – 1 Tranmere

Semi Final: Rotherham vs Grimsby “B”

After winning our group we were drawn against the Grimsby supporters team, which finished second in group 1.

The main aim for us was to go at our opponents early and aim to get a lead, and then ensure players remained fit for the final.

We did just that, and two goals by Steve meant that we went in at the break 2 - 0 up.

In the second half we had to endure some pressure form the Grimsby team, but coped well and got bodies in the way at crucial moments. The game finished 2 – 0 , and was deservedly won by a more organised Millers team.

Final Score: Rotherham 2 – 0 Grimsby “B”

Final: Rotherham vs Sheffield United

After a long day in Grimsby, and after being the strongest team throughout a long day, we had reached the final.

By this stage we’d played three of the days games with an 11 man squad only, and people were feeling the heat and niggles picked up throughout the day. In contrast, the Blades had a full 18 man squad, so this game was likely to be tough, even though we had managed to beat the Blades twice in the league this season.

The game kicked off and neither side managed to enforce much early control. However, a breakthrough occurred where Steve picked up a clearance, got himself into the area and found himself 1 on 1 with the left back. He pushed out wide and crossed with his left foot, and the ball landed perfectly at the back post for Jebu to head in.

After this the Blades but pressure on a tired Millers side. A long ball came over the top, and I cleared against the striker, which should have been a goal kick. However, the referee awarded a corner to the Blades. The result was a goal from the corner, after a poor piece of marking by the Millers.

Minutes later a scramble in the box lead to a second goal for the blades.

In the second half we pushed on, but a goal would not come. Adis put two great opportunities over the bar from close range, so it wasn’t to be.

In the end a well organised and fresher Blades side got a deserved win. It could have been a different story with different circumstances.

Final Score: Internet Millers 1 – 2 Internet Blades