20Questions - Millwall Part2

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Hello there, Who are yer and how long have you supported Millwall??
I'm Joe and I have supported 'wall for about 7 years

What made you support your club?
My grandad was a die-hard fan

Whats your favorite away day and why?
West Ham was always fun, but this season was proabably beating Brentford 4-1

Whats your proudest moment being a Lion?
Fa Cup Final 2004 & Promotion to the Championship in 2001

And your most embarassing / disappointing?
Seeing us get relegated last year

Who are your main rivals?
West H*m, Crystal PalARSE and possibly Charlton

If Millwall was a Song, what would it be, and why?

Whos your all time favorite player, and why??

Neil Harris because he was at best when I started going and he re-signed for us last week so he has to score one-more goal to become the top leaguescorer of all time at Millwall.

No-one likes you, but your image is changing isnt it??
Nah, we still are hated all over the world as you'll find out on saturday

There's been plenty of unrest in your boardroom. Whats the current situation and are you happy with it?
The board is still useless and the only member who does anything for the club is our fan on the board, Peter Garston

Hows the former Millers Darren Byfield and Jody Morris gettin on??

Byfield is our top scorer in the league at the moment and has scored 5 goals in 3 games but he was useless a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I have forgotton about Morris as he has been injured for about a year and was done for drink driving so I dread to think of what he is like now.

Your on a decent run of form at the moment, can you stay up??
Course we can. Can you?

One player from this division you would like in your team, and why?
No-one I pretty happy with the current bunch as we doing well.

Have you lost or expect any of your better players to leave this month?
Byfield has been rumoured to move but I don't think that will happen. I think that a couple of our youngsters will be shipped out.

Who's your strongest / Weakest link?
Darren Byfield or Chris Hackett/Can't think of anyone that bad.

Predicted Line-up?
GK: Pidgeley DF: Senda, Robinson, Shaw, Craig MF:Dunne, Ardley, Morris, Hackett CF: Harris, Byfield

Predicted Score?
Millwall 2-0 Rotherham

Whos going up??
Forsest, Scunthorpe & Bristol City

And who's going down?
Brentford, Rotherham, Cheltenham & Orient

And finally. Steak & Kidney, Meat & Tatty or Balti??
Steak & Kidney

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